Sending https request with what certificate?

so i bought a hostinger hosting plan and added cloudflare to it. i have now added the generated ssl certificate from the cloudflare site to hostinger. now my question is that when i want to send a secure https request via an external program (written in c++) what certificate do i have to use? since i only have access to the certificate files of the certificate i generated on the cloudflare site (which is only used for encryption between the webhost and cloudflare and not the browser)

Doesn’t your program allow for an HTTPS connection? That would be a secure connection if your domain is set to Full (Strict) for SSL/TLS.

yeah but the library demands that i provide these 3 files: cert.pem, key.pem and ca-bundle.crt. i only have these files from the certificate i generated myself (which according to cloudflare is only used for encryption between cloudflare and the origin server)

What possible reason would an app have for needing the private key for the server’s end of the TLS connection? Unless it’s trying to proxy to yet another app.

Well…you’re not going to get key.pem from Cloudflare. You’d have to upgrade to a Business or Enterprise plan and use your own Cert and Key files, like from Let’s Encrypt.

Just to clarify, are you trying to use a client certificate? Check your library’s documentation.

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