Sending emails with Email Routing Feature

Hi! I think the Email Routing feature of Cloudflare is Really Cool! However adding some features can make this even cooler!

My suggestion is making a domail like this <> and giving each user an unique subdomain <>.

Now if you send mail to this email address “[email protected] then the mail will be delivered to the destination mail adress via this procedure.

Also if you try to send mails to it would be sent from [email protected]
With this people can use their own personal mail and mailing service and still get the features of a mail server without actually having it.

Yes many might not know but email addresses support quotation mark. This feature can make cloudflares email forwarding unique.

(Also consider giving me the beta access of Email Routing and all beta features quickly if you like this idea. Lol)

I don’t see much reason to give each user a subdomain off a Cloudflare mail domain. You already have a domain here to use.

That’s known as an “Open Relay” and is very bad.