Sending emails with email addresses created using email routing feature

email routing being a very intriguing service, I wonder if after the addresses are setup via Cloudflare i.e. [email protected] to be sent to [email protected], using gmail we would be able to send email as [email protected] as oppose to the email being sent as [email protected]

having said that, I am still waiting for Cloudflare to activate email workers in my dashboard, so not sure if what I intend to do could be achieved using email workers

Email Routing does not support sending emails, only receiving.

There are some workarounds using Gmail’s SMTP server however I don’t have the link for instructions on-hand and your mileage may vary in terms of deliverability.

If you are programming an integration you may send email from Cloudflare Workers using MailChannels:


However the “Email workers” feature you can sign up for the waitlist for at the moment also only covers incoming emails like the rest of the Email Routing product.

Thanks for the link Erisa

However I am not programming an integration

If the email workers only cover incoming emails, how would I be able to send emails from the domain?

Do I need to sign up to another email provider?

If so, then how would I differentiate the routing of incoming emails and outgoing emails? or is that even possible?

Yes, you would need an actual email provider to do this typically.

The server delegated to handling incoming mail for a domain is defined in the MX records, but that server doesn’t have to be the one sending the mail out. If you sign up for another mail provider and add their DKIM record and adjust your SPF to include both Cloudflare and their SPF record, you should be able to send emails out using their service but incoming will route via Email Routing.


one more question
do all inbound email addresses created via email router in Cloudflare require to have corresponding address on 3rd party mail service provider?
or that is only requires for sending emails via domain address?
i.e. if [email protected] is created only to receive emails, does it require to also be setup on mail service provider?

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