Sending email by smtp not working

I added all the necessary DNS records and still not working

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Make sure none of you email hostnames are :orange: Proxied as the proxy only supports HTTP and HTTPS. If you want to share your domain, you will get more specific answers.

This Community Tutorial has relevant information.


I checked this tutorial and still the same

I notice that your inbound mail is handled by Microsoft 365. That is unlikely to offer you SMTP. You would normally need to use your Microsoft 365 Exchange Online account with Microsoft Outlook which sends email using its own proprietary protocols.

You also have a CNAME of email pointed to the default legacy GoDaddy mailserver name.

You may need to engage directly with whoever is providing your SMTP service. I don’t see anything in your Cloudflare DNS that would prevent you from connecting to an SMTP server, although I cannot tell from your DNS what server you might be using to send your email.

What server you are trying to send with? What error do you encounter?

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this is the request and the error

Whatever app you are attempting to send your password reset email from is being refused access by the service running on the Microsoft IP listed.

You will need to consult your support resources for the app that is unable to send the email and likely the documentation for the email service that is refusing the connection.

This appears unrelated to anything in your Cloudflare account.

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I Contacted with GoDaddy support and said that all setting are good and the endpoint works fine locally so, nothing left to check except Clouldflare DNS Records.
what do you think?

That message is not anything that anyone at GoDaddy would be able to help with.

Who manages the application running at That is where you should direct your efforts.

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