Sending DCMA notifications

Hello, you will see cloudflare sent me a dcma notice of links that are supposedly on my page, but they don’t exist on my page… and the hosting blocked the web, what can I do, and by the way the web…It’s new, it only has the theme installed…

Did the email provide you with any direction of how to respond? It certainly would not have suggested the Community, as the Community is unable to assist with Cloudflare Trust & Safety issues. Your attorney is probably a better source of advice than strangers on the internet. The irony of me making that recommendation as effectively a stranger on the internet is not lost on me.

I’m sorry for the trouble you’re facing. However, as the community cannot assist with Abuse / Trust & Safety issues, you need to address your concern directly to [email protected] where you can get the necessary help. For more information, you can visit Abuse approach - Cloudflare.

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