Sending cURL request through CF to remote site's API


Hi, I am sending a cURL request from my server to a payment gateway’s API: - is there a way for the request to go through CloudFlare? It seems the payment gateway has told me it is coming from my server’s IP, but I am running TLS 1.0 and am using CloudFlare to ensure TLS 1.2, which is required by the payment gateway. I cannot upgrade the TLS on my server currently. I am sending the curl using PHP 5.

(I have tried searching for this but the results are mostly “bypass CF” but that’s not what I want to do.)

  1. Your outbound requests won’t go through Cloudflare. This is normal, and for a variety of good reasons.
  2. Cloudflare’s TLS settings are only for inbound connections.
  3. Your server sure sounds like it could use an upgrade. Really. TLS 1.0 is decades old and isn’t secure.


You are mixing some things up here. Cloudflare is from the client to the server. In this case your server is the client and you are contacting a different and unrelated server.

The used TLS version and configuration solely depends on what you specify during the request and which libraries you have got installed. You need to specify the right version, respectively make sure your operating system is up-to-date enough to support the proper library version. PHP 5 is also quite dated already.


thanks sdayman, as I suspected, but wanted to make sure.


thanks sandro, I understand now.

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