Sending all my domain names to C/F

I am having a problem seeing my website since I transferred the domain name to Cloudflare,
but after sending to Cloudflare from Godaddy it seems to have taken the Godaddy DNS with it,
I had always had the website with Cloudflare it was only when I sent it to here permanently it has the Cloudflare NS1 and 2 but when doing a “whois” search it shows the site is with, LLC, but logging into Godaddy it is not in my account. ? it is also on Cloudflare as permanent, so I totally confused about where to start trying to find it.

You said you transferred it, so of course it wouldnt show up.

Whats the domain?

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That domain is with MarkMonitor and doesnt use Cloudflare nameservers either.

oops sorry I got the spelling mixed up sorry my bad

That domain neither is with Cloudflare, but uses Godaddy.

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When did you initiate the transfer? It can take up to 5 business days for it to transfer over to Cloudflare. If it really isn’t transferring correctly I would contact GoDaddy support asking what the status is of the transfer.

I am now more confused as I just did a search without the “S” and it took me to Godaddy NOTICE: This domain name expired on 5/4/2020 and is pending renewal or deletion.
yet it expiry is 2021-05-04 as "Whois reports and it is also on Cloudflare as the owner
I transferred it weeks ago, but if you think I should ask Godaddy I will, the only trouble is they are going to tell me its not on Godaddy

There is no indication of a transfer. The domain actually seems to have expired and is now in its auto renew period

You wont be able to transfer it and will have to renew it with the current registrar.

did you check whois? and yes I paid for it that I know.
the whois tells me it is paid and still with Godaddy my account doesn’t show it on Godaddy

I will go to Godaddy and call them , hopefully I will get some where there, thanks for the help anyway, I will let you know what happens

That is something you need to clarify with the current registrar. If you did pay Cloudflare for a transfer, you might also want to contact Cloudflare, but the domain is not with Cloudflare and your primary contact is the current registrar.

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