Sendinblue dedicated IP go to not configured after cloudflare

and i remove the record already present?

Regards from Enrico.

Lasta question Sergio,
i need to use as host all that" or only r.pureclarity"

Thanks from Enrico.

As the Cloudflare UI omits the domain name (unless it’s the naked domain), it’s the same anyhow.

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p.s. anyway i try to insert a CNAME record, what you see in my screen is an A record, so i can’t add a CNAME with same name…and is not present… why?

Appears to be very much there :wink:

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Arabo for me :slight_smile: please, how can i add? or fix

Regards from Enrico.

Well, if you want to add a record and it tells you, you already have that record. What’s the next step? Maybe removing the original record :wink:

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yes but the original one is an A record, not CNAME… i check inside Cloudflare, no CNAME are present

It doesn’t matter. You need to remove it to set up the CNAME record.

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I need both A and cname

p.s. proxy or not?

DNS does not allow that. If you’re trying to use an “A” record as well as a CNAME, then it sounds like you’re trying to use the same hostname for two different functions.

As for Proxy, start with :grey: DNS Only just to get it working.

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You can’t have an A and a CNAME record. As for proxying, that depends on if they need it for authentication. If so, you should keep it unproxied.

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Hi everybody,
many thanks for your help.
ok to fix just insert again all record that sendiblue provide inside Cloudflare without .domain if you use a subdomain for that.

Many many thanks for your help.


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Wooo super !! :heart: :heart:

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