Sendinblue dedicated IP go to not configured after cloudflare

after redirect DNS to Cloudflare we see inside sendinblue that all dns setting go to not configure it.

I don’t know if i have to proxy something inside Cloudflare or insert again dns.

I try a bunch of things, but without success.

Anyone have experience that?

Regards from Enrico.

Assuming this is about email, you might want to check out Email Troubleshooting

Make sure everything email related is not proxied.

No proxy. But i need to manually insert inside Cloudflare? We use a subdomain to sendinblue so i don’t know why no work that we move only the domain.

Regards from Enrico.

Yes, you will need to manually configure all necessary records on Cloudflare.

Which domain are we talking about and which records?

Hi Sandro,
i can configure or primary and secondary dns as or i manually insert cname, mx, txt so on.

The problem is that is a subdomain, so i don’t know if Cloudflare see this subdomain and not main domain. main domain is, and sub is

I don’t know how to fix it. Regards from Enrico.

So it is about Is this an actual sub-domain which you manage via third party nameservers? If not you will have to configure all these records on Cloudflare.

Considering there are no NS records, it would seem as if this wasn’t a proper sub-domain, hence just add the records in question to Cloudflare.

Hi Sandro,
i can configure also the ns records and not mx, txt,cname so on.
But i need to add this sub on the websites in Cloudflare as it was a new website?

Can we speak in italian on my email? I can’t explain really goog in English.

Regards from Enrico.

Just add the [WHATEVER-IT-TELLS-YOU-HERE] records mentioned in the screenshot to your Cloudflare account and you should be good to go.

Have you tried that already?

Here’s what i get.

p.s but inside my dns there’s no if i search with ctrl + F

Regards from Enrico.

You seemingly already have a record with that name. You will need to edit it instead.

Not inside Cloudflare. The only record i have A record r.pureclarity not a cname.

How can i fix it? Regards from Enrico.

Can you post a full page screenshot of your DNS records? You can redact the record values of course.

Here second choice to active the service

There we go.

But to address the original question, you really just need to configure the necessary records.


I can’t tell you that, whatever records you need. For example the ones from the original screenshot.

Hi Sandro,
just need to know if you say the NS or all the mx, txt, a so on.


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