dedicated ip email subdomain Nameserver not working

Hi guys,

I’m creating subdomain “email” with the nameservers set to and to access my dedicated ip address on sendinblue⋅com

After creating the records and waiting 48 hours, the nameserver propagation is still failing :confused:

My domain is not directly hosted on Cloudflare but I set the nameservers for my domain to
alan⋅ns⋅cloudflare⋅com and candy⋅ns⋅cloudflare⋅com on my domain hoster. Everything works well, except for the sudomain nameservers not working.

I’m not that experienced with dns and the Sendinblue support isn’t very helpful so I hope you guys might be able to help me :slight_smile:


I solved my issue by using the advanced integration for sendinblue, creating an “a”, “mx” and 3 “txt” records.