Sendinblue & Cloudflare SSL mismatch issue

We’re getting errors with our subdomain
Currently we’re getting a SSL mismatch issue, does anyone have experience with that?

We’re using Cloudflare and SendinBlue together


That hostname is not proxied. It’s a CNAME that ultimately points to Sendinblue. What have they said about this?

Thanks for the fast response, they’re not responding to the support ticket we have created sadly.
We have followed their DNS setup, it is as you see.

Do we need to do anything extra to proxy the hostname?

You’re better off not proxying that hostname. It most likely won’t ever work if it’s proxied, as it appears to be email related. Regardless, Unproxied is the best way to troubleshoot connection issues.

Thanks, we just did that, still doesn’t work sadly

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