Sendgrid Setup

We are trying to setup Sendgrid with Cloudflare and it doesn’t seem to be working correctly. When I paste the CNAME values into Cloudflare it seems to drop the URL from the pasted extention. I’m not sure if that is the error or not however this is the error that i am getting on all 5 of the CNAMES when I try to verify them.

We received the following error when validating the record.

Expected CNAME record for “url1564.Domain Name” to match “”, but got “url1564.Domain Name.”.

Any thoughts on what may be wrong? I’ve only had this populated for about 30 minutes now so perhaps it just needs more time to populate?

I have sendgrid on some of my domains. It’s normal to drop the domain name off the end, as they’re added automatically in DNS queries, just like your ‘www’ entry.

Just be sure that your Sendgrid CNAME entries are set to :grey:.


Thank you! That was it I wasn’t setting it to DNS only

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