SendGrid Link Branding SSL Issue

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I am using SendGrid SMTP to send emails via ClickFunnels for multiple, separate domains. I am using Full Encryption in CloudFlare

I’ve set these up with no problems over time (starting from 2.5 years ago). Over the past week, I started receiving complaints that email links were not working. I tested myself and up until yesterday I was having no problems. I checked again today and I am also getting security issues with the links.

I am using SendGrid sender authentication (domain and link branding). So domains are and links in emails are

Everything is showing a verified status in SendGrid, but browsers are returning what appears to be a certificate mismatch issue.

The certificate for the main domain (when typing in or clicking on a “naked” link from a*) is issued by CloudFlare for, as expected.

The certificate when email links are clicked ( show a GoDaddy Certificate for only * See below:

Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 12.50.56 PM

No changes were made in Cloudflare, Sendgrid or Clickfunnels recently for me to pinpoint anything. This is happening for all our domains (and even over more than one Sendgrid account).

Can anyone help with this please? If there is any information additional information that I can provide, please let me know.

This is a huge issue for us and would appreciate any assistance!

Thank you,


Without knowing the hostname with the problem, we can’t help you track this down.

Hey sdayman, thanks for the reply.

One domain with the issue is so emails links are

Im assuming its the same issue for all of them, just not sure if the root cause is a SendGrid or CloudFlare (or both).

If I can figure out how to resolve one then hopefully I can resolve the rest.

The emails2 subdomain is set to :grey:, so there’s no cert for your domain there. Try setting it to :orange: and see if that fixes it without breaking anything else.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I have tried to do this in the past, but this results in a failure in the verification on SendGrids end.

Here it is when I tried it again just now:

You’re going to have to take this up with Sendgrid. Since both configurations don’t work, Cloudflare can’t fix this problem. Hopefully they can explain how to get that link to pass the certificate test for your domain and be a valid CNAME record for them.


I already have a ticket open with them but haven’t heard back yet.

Whats strange is that it’s something new that is happening.
I’m also noticing now that it is more sporadic than I thought (i.e. some links work, some don’t and not consistent).

I will wait to hear back from them and provide any additional information here if it is relevant.

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