Sendgrid install DNS records


I’ve checked through the forums and it seems like people have had the same issues. I’ve tried making the same changes only to have no luck with SendGrid.

I’ve changed proxy status to DNS only for my CNAME and no luck.
I updated the first CNAME provided by SendGrid to a TXT and no luck. Digital Ocean is the hosting but I can verify the A records go through Cloudflare but for the life of me can’t verify these DNS records.

I’m attaching screenshots of my current setup in Cloudflare. Any help is appreciated.

This was the initial setup. After changing the proxy to DNS only.

This is the setup after going through the forums and seeing a user change the first value to TXT

I use Sendgrid to email from my blog every week. Here are the settings that work for me:

If those CNAMEs show up in a DNS lookup (, contact Sendgrid support for this issue.

Thanks @sdayman. I’m going to contact Sendgrid. I changed them all the CNAME and still could not verify via dnschecker.

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