Sendgrid + HSTS / Email HTTP

Hi all - I recently upgraded to HSTS forcing all links to be HTTPS… This has worked but all the sendgrid emails that send links to users for login (etc) now are hitting the browser fiee wall, because they are HTTP.

I’m trying to make the changes to get Sendgrid to allow SSL, but they keep saying my Cloudflare set up is wrong… Can someone help with this?

Sendgrid support have said:

Your link still points to, therefore in accordance with my previous response, the CDN should direct all traffic to so we can receive tracking information and resolve links to the correct destination.

We have [documentation]( on 3 major Content Delivery Network's as we are unable to document every way a SSL cert could be created/hosted.

But don’t give me any other help.

Have you followed the procedure outlined here?

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