SendGrid DKIM and DMARC setup

Hello Guys,

Ive been trying for days to get SendGrid working in my DNS Settings.
On their page they gave me 4 Records I have to add + an SPF record.
I put it in my DNS in any possible way. With Proxy or without it is not working.

That’s why I need some help. otherwise im going crazy…

These are my records in Cloudflare which I got from SendGrid:

The record is provided by the booking software I use.

Please tell me what I did wrong

What is not working?

You have a DNSSEC issue. You need to either disable DNSSEC at your registrar or configure the values provided by Cloudflare.

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On their site is a “Done” button which you are supposed to press after you put the records in your DNS.

When I press the button I get the following message:
There was a problem validating your DNS records. Please review the errors below.

The funny part is, that there are no errors below to review…

When I search the records via DIG in the google toolbox I can’t find any of them. It always says: Record not found!

Furthermore on any SPF, DKIM and DMARC checking site it tells me there are no records found…

You need to fix DNSSEC.

thank you I will try that asap.

I have addressed the DNSSEC issue:

Unfortunately, the problems persist. Could it be that it needs some time to propagate?

In addition to the DNSSEC issue:

That last TXT record you have there, is not valid according to the expected outcome.” shouldn’t be standing alone like that, but be included in the appropriate SPF record for the given (sub-)domain that Sirvoy’s booking software is sending with.

A proper record would be like “v=spf1 -all”, assuming that you’re only using Sirvoy to send messages using the given (sub-)domain.

DNSSEC is not instant, that can take up to a day.

But if that works, you will need to contact your mail provider, as that won’t be Cloudflare related any more.

Indeed, that makes sense.

I configured it that way based on their documentation:

I will change it to “v=spf1 -all

Thank you

Who exactly is my mail provider?

My MX entries point towards Cloudflare, and I’m using their email routing.

Whoever provided you with these values.

The MX entries are only for incoming email.

I contacted Sirvoy support as they mentioned in the documentation I shared earlier that obtaining a DKIM key involves this process.

Afterwards, Sirvoy provided me with a link to SendGrid, where I can only find the four values I already added to my DNS.

So, in this case, who is considered the mail provider, SendGrid or Sirvoy?

Contact both maybe. This really is something beyond Cloudflare.

But for now you really best wait until your domain resolves properly and contact them only should it still not work at that point.


It’s somehow amusing because Sirvoy advised in their last reply: ‘In case the issue persists, we recommend contacting Cloudflare’s support.’ …

I hope the problem is simply related to the domain resolving properly.

Thank you very much for your assistance. Have a great day!

Did they mention what the issue is? Otherwise they probably just directed you somewhere else without having an idea.

The main issue here is DNSSEC and that was actually at your registrar’s side. Once that works, and assuming the DNS entries are correct, it should work. Otherwise you will need from your provider the correct DNS entries. Cloudflare is only handling DNS here and that works (apart from DNSSEC).

I can now retrieve the values using
I believe SPF, DKIM, and DMARC are now functioning properly!

It appears that DNSSEC was indeed the issue.

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