Sendgrid & Cloudflare DNS issue


I’m trying to use Sendgrid for a domain that’s on cloudflare. I’m setting up CNAME records are described on Sendgrid.

But I’m getting this error:

Expected CNAME record for “" to match “”, but got "”.

The cloud icon is grey.


May I ask have you used instructions from below tutorials?

Nevertheless, are the CNAME records pointed to Sendgrid service set to :grey: (DNS-only)?

Post says yes. I suspect it’s just some sort of typo in the record itself.

Please post a screenshot of the DNS record.


There’s no typo. The process is straight-forward.



Without knowing the actual domain name, we can’t offer any specific suggestions, but give a try to see what’s really showing up.

If you think you’ve got it right, you’ll have to take this up Sendgrid Support.

Hi, Yes, I have email Sendgrid support.

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This is nuts. Sendgrid sent us back to Cloudflare.
Interestingly, another domain that we have on cloudflare passed on this at once.

The domain that has this issue (and it still does, as I tried in 3 minutes ago) has a Load Balance active, if that makes any difference.

I’m out of ideas. Please help.

Thank you

Without knowing the actual domain name, I’m afraid there is nothing else we can tell you.

Can I send it on a private message ?

Hi. For anyone struggling with this issue, for us it was the |CNAME Flattening" setting in our Cloudflare DNS settings. It was “Set to all”.

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