SendGrid and Cloudflare: domain resolves with period at end

Hello! My WordPress site uses SendGrid (SG) to track/send SMTP emails. I’ve been working with SG to resolve an issue and they sent me to Cloudflare.

Outbound system emails are resolving to my domain (ittybittyniftygifties dot com) but with a period at the end. On my desktop (MacOS), the site resolves fine (in Chrome) but on my phone (iOS + Chrome), I get an SSL Protocol Error and the site does not resolve.

The WYSIWYG editor here will not allow me to enter a link. :confused:

Incidentally, this is also happening on another domain of mine (bekee dot com) but that domain does not use link branding in SG.

Sticking to the ittybitty domain, the CNAME entries are proxied through CF (the orange cloud is on).

I’ve used SendGrid on many (40+) clients’ sites and haven’t had or noticed this issue before.

Any ideas or help is appreciated and please let me know if I left anything out.


Some applications do not show it and most people probably dont know it, but all FQDNs end in a dot.

Try setting the CNAMEs to :grey: DNS Only.

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Thankya! If I turn off proxying through CF, then the link results in NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

You will see that error if the origin server does not have a certificate that matches the alias in your CNAME. You should get that fixed with SendGrid.

I’ll check back with them. They, of course, sent me to Cloudflare when they couldn’t solve the problem. Cheers!

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