Send emails with nodemailer

How would I setup cloudflare to allow me to send emails from my domain, using nodemailer.

I presume it’s just DNS records. Nodemailer should have instructions for that. Just make sure the records you add are set to :grey: DNS Only.

I want to know how to setup cloudflare to host the email, since my isp blocks port 25, so I can’t run an email server.

Cloudflare is not a mail host, nor does it proxy email.

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Then how would I host mail, i thought they did, since it talked about email forwarding

CloudFlare only hosts your DNS. To send email you will need an SMTP service. nodemailer is a nodejs library, it cannot fanout email email ons its own directly from the sercer you run your script. You will need an SMTP provider. free plan should be enough for you. You setup your account, verify your domain and you can send email using SparkPost smtp server and set the “FROM” field to your own domain. Feed those credential to sparkpost.

Other solution is AWS SES, they are allow you to send 62,000 emails monthly if your server run on EC2.

Again, they support SMTP so all you have to do is generate SMTP credential, configure it with nodemailer.


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