Send email from cloudflare

Hello, Cloudflare is great because it enable us to create a domain-based email and forward any message received to our personal mail.

But I got a question, how do we send a email by the domain-based email we set up in Cloudflare instead of using our personal email?

The reason we’re using business email is that we want to looks more professional to the clients, it’s weird when they sent the email to the business email but we reply by our personal email.

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You will need a separate mail provider for that. Cloudflare does not offer that feature yet.


Hopefully Cloudflare will introduce this as a new feature soon

I don’t think they will add something like this right now because spam can happen to a large extent. Google, Yahoo and others all block servers that send mail for free or turn them into a spam mailbox.

I’m wondering if we can use gmail’s built-in send mail as feature?

Probably but that’s something to best clarify on a Google forum of course.