Send email but nnot get it

I’ve my own vps on 1and1, with plesk onyx
I use postfix+dovecot.
On my server I see there’s as mx, so on Cloudflare I’ve set point to ip server
After I’ve created mx with and 10
Not work at all
I’ve follow this article:
Not work at all.
If it can be useful, here is my server maillog!AnkbspQIR_C63X09VY2h7VsRmNOO
Please let me know how can solve it

I am not sure what you configured on your server but your DNS setup neither has a mail record nor does its MX records point to mail but to mx1 and mx2 instead. They both point to the same *.*.*.191 address (which makes it redundant, so one entry is enough) and if that address is correct your should properly receive mail there.

Thanks @sandro
As I said, on my vps/dns I’ve as mx–>
I’ve try to add on cloduflare A and mx 10 but no email incoming.
So, at last, Iìve follow this article (I’ve wrong?)
What do you suggest me?

Sorry I am not sure what you mean by that.

As I mentioned above, you do not have such entries. You have two MX entries named as referenced above.

here is my vps dns
please let me now how I’ve to change on Cloudflare

You need to change the DNS records at Cloudflare. Those on your server are irrelevant in this context and you could even remove them (unless you need them for something else).

You need to set up the right entries in your Cloudflare control panel.

So, please, what would be the correct values to make my mail server work?

It is not about the values, it is about the right place where you set them up and that has to happen at Cloudflare in your control panel. You actually already posted the link which explains how to set them up. You need to do this in your Cloudflare control panel, nowhere else. Just follow the link you found.

as I sai, already follow the “Set up with your own email server” in that article, but not solve.
I would be grateful if you could help me find the right place in Cloudflare control panel.

Because you set it up on your server and not in the Cloudflare control panel as the article says.

Which is the unclear bit?

my vps have plesk onyx, so the dns configuration was automatic when I’ve created domain and mail
Now I’ve setup on CF A mail (ip vps) and mx to mail (it’s right?)

Now it does seem alright. There is a mail record and your MX record points to that host.

but no email incoming…

Your mailserver does not seem to be responding.

what could it mean? I can send email,to all external address exclude those of my domain, but I can’t receive

Cant tell you I am afraid, can be a configuration or network issue. Its not Cloudflare related though and hence a bit beyond the scope of this forum.

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I thank you for your availability

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