Send Auth-email/key via http url

Dear All,

I’m trying to update an A record (or view one) via http url (is the only way I can do it right now).

How can I send my credentials directly on the URL, and not via headers?

The ideia is to click on the url, do the action, but I don’t know how to send my credentials:[email protected]&x-pass-auth=apikeywithdnsreadpermission


I have the same question. How to authenticate without headers?

As already elaborated by Judge in the thread you also posted in

QNAP NAS. And I know it has its own ddns software, but I have a own domain which I want to point to my dynamic ip. And it’s the main domain, not a subdomain that I can redirect.

Do you know some kind of app that I can install on QNAP to do this job, that can send http requests with headers?

Thanks in advance.

That is a question for your NAS vendor I am afraid.