SEMrush Uncached Javascripts and CSS files

Just getting warnings but it’s really bothering me. GoDaddy can’t seem to help me with it and after numerous support tickets, I’ve came to the conclusion I may have to pay someone to figure this out. Thanks to SEMrush, I’ve been able to reduce errors and minimize warnings and notices but still not able to beef up the performance issues I’m having.

Any suggestions and or should I get the paid subscription with Cloud flare or will this solve my issues with minimal work involved.

Your JS files are set to Private Cache (browser only) , so Cloudflare cache is BYPASSing them. CSS files look to be fine.

You most likely have some sort of plugin on your site that’s handling some caching, as I can see additional headers from your site.

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Thank you for the reply and I can see something called lazyload which stems from Smush Pro and or WPMU DEV. I wonder if removing these would help but if it’s necessary. These plugins were done by the support and or builders from GoDaddy.

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