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I enabled Cloudflare on our website a few days ago; We use SEMRush to get a website health audit.
Since enabling Cloudflare, SEMRush is reporting that we have over 376 pages with Link URLs that are too long. They look something like this:
https://[our domain name]/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#bc83cfc9ded6d9dfc88189998e8cccd5c8daddd0d0…b998e8cdd998e8cd2d9cb998e8cd1d9d1ded9ce998e8cd3da998e8ccfc8dddada9aded3d8c581f4d5ced5d2db998e8…

We’ve worked hard to create pages with URL links that match our content, so having them renamed to something like the example above is undoing that work, and we think this might affect SEO on our site.

We’re concerned that Google and other search engines might penalize us for this.

We tried using Stackpath CDN some months back and Google dropped our website from their listing within days, Google thought the content on our website was duplicated content of the CDN. This caused a panic in our company, the only thing we could do to resolve the issue was to disconnect the CDN, it took about 24 hours for our site to get back on the listing and a few more days for the pages for get back to their previously held rankings.

We’re concerned that something similar might happen with the Long URL link issue.
Can someone explain why the links are so long please? And will this have a negative impact on our SE listing? Is there something I can do with the Cloudflare configuration to change the links?

Any help will be much appreciated. I’d like to head off any potential problems before they happen; I know if we drop off Google again, the plug will be pulled on Cloudflare before I can finish my cup of tea!
I think Cloudflare will benefit our website in many ways, so I’d really like to get this resolved as soon as I can.


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That will be because you have email addresses protected at

You could disable that feature, however generally it shouldnt be an issue. There isnt really a limit to URLs and in this particular case the long part is actually part of the URL fragment and will be exclusively handled on the client side.

Overall it really shouldnt be an issue, but if you are concerned you can simply disable it.

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Hi Sandro

Thanks for the reply. I understand now, panic ove :slight_smile:

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