Semi-custom name servers

So I’d like to use Cloudflare’s (free) services (DNS, CDN, etc), however I need to have glue records tied to the domain. Here’s my dilemma:

  1. For the glue records of to work, I need to set my authoritative name servers to also be
  2. Since I need to have those as my name servers, I can’t use Cloudflare’s.

I thought this article is similar to what I need, though the problem here is that it requires a business plan. However, I’m not really looking for custom name servers in the way that article describes it. I have no issue maintaining Cloudflare’s as my domain’s authoritative name servers, I just need to still be resolvable/usable.

Is it possible to do this with the free plan? If so, how would I go about that? If not, would I be able to do this under the pro plan?

This doesn’t make sense:

And then you write:

So I’m really not sure what you’re trying to accomplish.

If other domains are going to use your, then those would just be “A” records set to :grey: DNS Only, and those domains won’t need glue records, as their name servers are on a separate domain.

My registrar informed me that I’d need to have as my authoritative name servers (in addition to the glue records themselves) for the glue records to actually take effect. Thus, I believed that I can’t use Cloudflare whilst still maintaining functioning custom name servers. Is this not the case?

You can’t self-nameserve without Glue Records. But if other domains need to use those name servers, you don’t need glue records. Just “A” records in your domain for those hostnames.

I’m not sure why your registrar insists on your domain using “internal” name servers. Is there something so special about your domain’s DNS that you can’t use anybody else’s name servers?

Not really, perhaps there was some miscommunication between me and my registrar when trying to sort things out.

I’ll try this out and see if it works, thanks for the help!

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Are you trying to set up your own nameservers (i.e., run your own nameserver on your own server that you manage yourself) or, as I suspect, are you just wanting to set up vanity/custom nameservers that point to Cloudflare’s free DNS?

If the former, then the advice above is correct – just use A records. But if the latter, then your registrar is correct. The reason your registrar is correct is because even if you set up glue records correctly, resolvers will simply ignore them if you aren’t actually using the nameservers for the domain they are set on. You could of course try it, but I would not use such a setup in production – unpredictable, unreliable. Your best bet to do this is the link you posted above using the Business Plan. No free lunch, sorry. :frowning:

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