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Hi all,

I am selling my website and just wondering once it has sold do i need to do anything on here ie point dns to the buyers name servers? Or do I do that using my hosting provider?



The whole setup? Hosting and all? Or just the domain name?

If it’s just the domain name, that’s easy…just transfer the domain registration to them, and they will have to take care of the name servers.

If it’s the whole setup, you’ll have to do some research…and then decide how to handle your Cloudflare account. Only two choices:

  1. Turn over your Cloudflare account to the new buyer.
  2. Remove the domain from your Cloudflare account and let the new buyer worry about DNS.
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Just the domain and the files. The hosting provider is godaddy.



Zip everything up and hand it over when you sell the domain. They can take care of the rest.



Be sure to change your email address on any third party sites before changing ownership.


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