Selling domains renewed through cloudflare: how pointing to afternic?

Has anyone experience with Cloudflare’s new domain registrar(?) feature, how we can point our domains renewed through Cloudflare to afternic for sale?

Example: My domains renewed with porkbun (before Cloudflare’s new offer) got these set:

Where did you, or would I, enter that for my domains held with Cloudflare?

(stupid question I know, but I really can’t find it)
Do you know?

Currently on Cloudflare Registrar, AFAIK, you can’t set custom nameservers, only use the Cloudflare ones.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused, I believe this feature is coming…

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Oh, thank you so much for this clear answer domjh, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

This then means that “domain parking for sale” (via afternic or whatever) isn’t actually possible for domains registered/renewed through Cloudflare.
Seems the only solution would be to set up hosting for those domains, and create a one-page website or redirect from the webhost to afternic…

I can’t do either of these right now, so I guess selling those domains will not be possible until Cloudflare let’s us point some domains to afternic or whatever…

Or has anyone the same situation and solved it somehow?

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