Self signed certs on argo tunnel

Hi everyone, I have been searching around all day. I am using Cloudflare argo tunnels and so far I love it, but I want full encryption using self signed certs. I can’t set up Vaultwarden because it requires HTTPS. does anyone know how I can get a self signed cert from the Cloudflare Tunnel to a docker image? It appears like I’m the only one who wants to use self signed certs on docker and use an Cloudflare Tunnel for security.

On the tunnel config ingress rule you can add noTLSverify: true to disable TLS verification of the certificate docs.

I was able to do that with Proxmox, but I can’t attach an SSL cert to a docker container. Most people use nginx, but in the case of argo tunnels, that’s my reverse proxy. I was kinda hoping I could use Cloudflare to attach some kind of cert. Is that possible?

I guess I’m confused what you are looking for, then. If you have vaultwardern configured as a public hostname with an ingress rule, the Cloudflare will handle the full connection from the user to the container is, like nginx with SSL.

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