Self sign centificate

My site added to cloud flare and its status changed to active now.
Now after three days I found that my ssl certificate is not valid.
Anybody can help me?

First issue: your DNS records are set to :grey: and your domain points directly to your server.
Click the grey icon so it turns to :orange: and set your SSL settings here to “Full”.

Second issue: your certificate is issued to (which doesn’t exist btw) and yes, it’s a self-signed.

How ever:
You should get rid of this certificate and install a valid one on your server.


Thanks Mark
I turn dns record to on and I check ssl in sslshopper site and all thinks looks correct but at the end I cant see valid ssl in my site. I will be so appreciate from you if you would help me.

Hi @kallibre44, I see the valid Cloudflare certificate, but there are mixed content issues on the site that are generating the “not fully secure” messages you’re seeing. There are issues with css that cannot be fixed with automatic https rewrites.


for mixed content issues, i find this guide useful


That guide is really useful, thank you for sharing that.

It was really useful , thanks a lot


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