Self Hosted Site Access Policy

Hello -
I have a self-hosted web-site with zero trust setup. In auth I used block rule with exclusion setup for a couple of emails. However, when I try to login with those emails, I get blocked. I followed the steps in this doc in “Block” section: Access policies · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs


Hello. I might suggest to you to check if the IPs related to those excluded emails are not blocked. As well as the order of your block rules, because it can interfere too.
Sometimes cached info can also damage your login activity. Try to clean it and attempt again.
Try to remove the rule, test the email login, so you can check if the problem comes to the rule setting itself.
Test with some different addresses to see if it is related to a specific one, or more general.
Perhaps with those answers, you might figure out the root cause and allow those emails to login.