Self-authenticating email address for Constant Contact

Hello All - Can someone help me Self-authenticate our Constant Contact emails using our own domain? I have all the DNS settings:

## Copy the information below and paste it into your hosting provider’s [DNS settings]

which shows
CNAME 1 Record Name & Value and CNAME 2 Record Name and Value

DMARC policy

If you do not already have a [DMARC policy]

TXT record host name
TXT record value

I don’t know where/how I’m supposed to make thgese changes. Sincerely appreciate your help!!

Make DNS changes in your dashboard here…

Likely the CNAMEs will need to be set to “DNS only” and not “Proxied”.

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Thank you!! I found that page (thanks to your link!). Not sure what to do next. Could you give me next steps please? Thank you!!

See here…

Others doing the same today here…

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