Selecting Purchase does nothing

Attempting to buy the free zero trust plan. When I get to the end of the details and hit purchase, nothing happens. I’ve seen a few other post about this but yet to see a resolution.

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Private Browser
Different Browser
Different Device
Different billing method

Same issue here. Have tried multiple payment methods, multiple browsers, multiple devices and multiple different internet connections over the course of 2 days now and still can’t purchase a Zero Trust plan - clicking the purchase button just does nothing. I have a support ticket #3115543 but no updates as yet.


Same here. If you check the failing network call when clicking purchase, you can see this message:

Add a payment method before purchasing. Your account does not have an active payment method.

Looks like a problem with the site unfortunately

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I write them about the same error. They have send an incendent to the it team. Hope soon will work :slight_smile:

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Just tested and it’s working again. Hoping it works for the rest of you.

you’re right, it worked for me as well! Finally, great job everyone at cloudflare

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Glad to hear the fix in place by our team is working for everyone. If you need anything else please let us know. Take care.

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