Select policies based upon location


Is it possible to select policies for each location, e.g. I may want to run certain policies at one location and not another?


Firewall Rules support locations, but not much else does. What policies are you trying to customize?


We want to use the Gateway function of Teams and have written a few policies but I don’t want every location (or branch shall we say) to use them. Mainly for web content and restricting access to certain websites.

It works well for what we have done but I don’t want to have to setup a new account for each location just because I want to use a different set of policies.

Hope that makes sense.


You should edit the title of this post so you can choose the Security → Gateway category to get more input.

Hiya - many thanks for that and duly done :slight_smile:

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Gateway DNS policies can be configured based on location. HTTP policies don’t use location today, but can use group membership.