Select Location with warp+

I’m currently residing in Indonesia and it’s right next to Singapore, but whenever i use warp+ it always automatically chooses LAX instead of SIN, my ping and speed is highly affected because of it, and i think it would be very cool if you can select the location of the colo or maybe the system will choose the nearest colo, i know even if it’s the nearest colo doesn’t mean it’s cheaper for routing but at least it’s better rather than connected to the other side of the world

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Hi, if you haven’t already make a bug report in the app, because that does not sound normal, it should be routing you to somewhere closer

Could you also post your output of

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Here you go

and this one is from my mobile without using warp+, just dns settings from android 10 running with dns


Unfortunately, your local ISP may be throttling/disabling your connection when enabling WARP. We are looking into the issue and hope to have a solution soon.

I recommend contacting them regarding this situation, as well as reporting a bug within the so that our engineers will have relevant network logs to peruse.