"Select a Plan" doesn't work


“Select a Plan” doesn’t work on new site setup when I choose free plan. The page is just stuck on that screen after I submit. I have been trying for a couple of days. See the image below. What should I do?


I was able to proceed. Check attached image.


The plan selection works for me as well. Which browser are you using? Anything that could block site elements, ad or script blocker?


If there are no ad or script blockers as @sandro mentioned, clear your cache (all time) and try again


The issue happens on Safari when I click “Purchase”. No script or ad blocker, no extension that injects scripts into the page, cache cleared. I even tried in a private window.

I just tried on Chrome and it works though. Thanks everyone who replied!


Same problem here, I don’t think the solution should be using Chrome, please fix CF


Chrome-only should definitely not be a solution, but it works on Firefox and Edge too. Are you using Safari? That might be a bug in Safari then. If you can debug what the issue is, I am sure that might help finding a workaround.


OK I forgot to test in Safari Technology Preview. I’d be happy to do so but it’s difficult to reproduce without adding a domain to CF.


Just add any random domain, you can always delete it.