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Hi there! Can someone, please, explain to me how I can segment subdomains? Let’s imagine - I need to create 10000 CNAME records for my domain, as I know - Cloudflare has a limit of up to 3500 DNS records per zone. I saw that some services use something like segmentation prefix - us1 (boo.**us1**, foo.**us1**, one.**us2**, What should I do to create a structure that gives me an opportunity to scale?

Depends on what makes sense for your planned infrastructure and scalability needs. At a minimum since you’d have 2 different 3rd level domains you’d need a SAN cert which covered * and * What any individual record points to is up to you. If you were going to provide geo-redundancy then the target of those records would be something you’d point to geo-specific instances of whatever. But it’s an organizational construct it has nothing to do with scale really.

10,000 records segmented like this still exceeds the 3,500 records per zone, You can ask for that limit to be increased by contacting support and they can consider the request. The restriction is somewhat arbitrary.

You could have 1M records off the root domain if Cloudflare wants to allow that many records for your zone. The structure you describe is an organizational design choice, not a scale consideration for DNS records supported in a zone.

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Thanks for your reply!

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