Seems my CDN is no longer working


I have a Wordpress site using W3 Total Cache + CloudFlare. Yesterday and before my test on were 100 PageSpeed and 96 YSlow. My domain is

I had an issue with other site in the same server and the support changed PHP to 7 and restored to 5.6 again (don’t know why). I don’t know if this is related, buy untill then, gtmetrix give me 98 / 80, which seems that CDN is broken or something.

Every thing seems ok in Wordpress. In cloudFlare I don’t know how to check if everything is ok. My DNSs ffximobile and www seems ok shown as Proxied. The other has a question mark in the Type, but maybe is normal.

Help please!! And thanks!

All these figures should be taken with a grain of salt and do not necessarily represent any actual issues.

Does your page load fine? Also, if there are issues these are typically on the server and not Cloudflare related, so you’d need to check over there.

I prefer black pepper, lol. Thanks for your reply. Yep, I think is not CloudFlare related and also Wordpress seems to be correct. The thing is that I’m really lost about what to check in the server.

I though that maybe some of you have faced this “problem” or something similar and can give me any tip or opinions. Because also gtmetrix is very clear with the issues so it seems to give some clues.

There have been quite a few thread about such a topic here, so I’d recommend to use the search however this forum is not really intended for Wordpress related discussions.

I just ran your site quickly through the gtmetrix and it would seem as if the only major issue might be the number of resources you have included. It complains about 19 CSS files and 9 JavaScript files. Thats not necessarily a major issue but something you might want to optimise. Apart from that it looks fine.

Should there still be particular questions I’d recommend to check out a dedicated forum for such site optimisations, such as StackExchange or Reddit.

Overall your site loads swiftly for me.

Thanks! And thanks for the tips!! I will check it!

Mmm. I’ve installed “Fast Velocity Minify” and it combined all files and they are cached again, so Im on 100% and 94% again.

Is solved. Thanks!!

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