Seems my assets are not served by cloudfare?

They are served by CloudFlare.
CloudFlare is a reverse Proxy, so it sits between your Server and your Visitor. All requests are going through CloudFlare. That allows CloudFlare to serve your content without changing the Domain/Request Name.

To check if CloudFlare Servers are serving your content please check the response header:
red-mojo cf-cache-status

You do get a HIT at the cf-cache-status, which means they are getting served from CloudFlare.
Better do not rely on when it comes to things likle “is my site using CDN?”
Better go with over-all performance and improve it to improve your technical SEO-Value.

You are using WordPress, but without any Caching tool.
You have to understand, that CF will cache static assets and improve TTFB and Download-Time of them, but not the HTML Request itself (unless you use Cache Everything).
So the HTML Request is always getting served from your origin Server which makes you need to improve your TTFB to improve load-time.

Your assets are getting loaded fast, but your TTFB (for me) is at about 3s.
As you use SiteGround (PaaS) this normaly should not happen. So please install a caching plugin which improves your TTFB this is the only thing that makes sense, as the assets are already served by CloudFlare.
And pls set Engde Cache to a high value (in CloudFlare Dashboard)

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Hi Thanks for your detail reply.

I’m actually using SG site optimizer with their cache system.

I also use

I don’t understand why siteground do not cache my site, should I uninstall this plugin and try another one?

best regards,

Well, I personally do not use SiteGround, but if you use a PaaS, you can not simply install a Plugin to make it work. Same as using CloudFlare. A Plugin will not make it work properly/optimal.

Now there is no answer to this question what to use, as it depends on your needs, your budget, your audience, and where your audience is.
But fact is: CloudFlare is caching your static assets at it works. Everything else, does not belong to here as its OffTopic and more related to “WordPress” and “general hostingsolutions”.

Yes it seems SiteGround is not caching your WordPress site. But is configurated to do. Something is preventing it:

Please contect SiteGround for this.

Thanks for your help.

I actually added W3 total cache and now it seems to work, But I haven’t seen a big change in load time…

@M4rt1n Hi, I would be interested to have you opinion since I added a plugin for cache and did all possible minification, It seems I still have high waiting time.

thanks for your help.

Yes I see my requests now hits the Cache. But actually I do get a TTFB of about 700ms.
This could have some reasons. And I can not tell you from here which one it is.

Where exactly is your site hosted? Europe? US? Asia?
This question is kinds stupid as you use PaaS, but from where exactly is the request getting answered? I can not see this in the Response header, like at CloudFlare.

As CloudFlare does not cache the HTML it is dynamic and will hit the origin Server, depending on where the server is located this can take some time.

Also: you can try with bypassing CloudFlare and see if it maybe is related to CloudFlare.
Pls do not test anything by bypassing CF then the TTFB.

Also: could be some server-missconfigurations. even if it hits the cache.

As you use WordPress there are so many things that could be the reason.
I honestly dont think WP is for professional/commercial use.

  • its easy
  • its cheap
    … thants it. Thats besically it. I would always go for anything else because you have to host on PaaS, you HAVE TO use CDN, you have to sue external services to make it work performant and good. All of this because its not made to bring any native optimizations and native scalabillity

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