Seemingly unpurgeable files

It seems there are files that I just can’t purge, either by custom purge or purge everything, an example is

Turning on developer mode doesn’t help, it still returns 200. Only changing the dns from proxied to DNS makes the file correctly return 404.

I’ve made sure the origin server definitely isn’t serving this file any more, so it seems something is stuck somewhere in cloudflare’s caches, and for some reason the purge tools aren’t removing it.

Anyone have any ideas? Am I missing something?

I just got a 200 from an uncached URL:

Are you sure it’s not cached somewhere on your server and is completely deleted from the directory?

Yep, that’s the thing that’s really confusing me. if I turn off the proxy and make sure I’m getting through to the origin, I get a 404 as expected:

I’m as sure as I can be at any rate. It only returns 200 when proxied through cloudflare.

How long has this been going on?

Did you recently, or not-so-recently change hosting for this site?

Nope, been here for years.

Strangest thing, as if by magic, the last purge worked… I can only assume there must be some intermediate cache somewhere along the way…

Edit: (started yesterday by the way, and thank you for your responses!)

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