Seemingly random spikes in latency

I just want to check if this behaviour seems normal before I really dig into it.

My origin site is hosted in Frankfurt, Germany and I am accessing it from southern Sweden.
If I access my backend directly, bypassing the Cloudflare network, a request takes about 50-70ms. If I instead send the traffic through Cloudflare the request time jumps to 90-250ms witch about a 50/50 split between sub-100 and 200+.

Does this seem…normal? I understand that going through another layer can add latency so the 90ms I can understand but jumping to 200ms+ seems like a lot?

I am not sure if it is my ISP but I am currently redirected to Vienna though I am living in the area of Frankfurt. is still routed to Frankfurt. This is disturbing. But Vienna seems to serve the content faster than the node in Frankfurt does. Even though the latency is quite higher than usual.

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