Seem to be having a lot of down time, site was down again at 1pm, but there are no errors in our server log and all other sites on the server remained up - is cloudflare not working properly

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November 11

showing outages

Which tool / app are you using to track this? Is it “ping” or some kind of service like HTTP(S)? [:thinking:]

with a 502 message

May I ask what kind of steps for troubleshooting you’ve already done from the article below?:
[]Community Tip - Fixing Error 502 / 504: Bad Gateway Tutorial

Error Try the suggestions in this Community Tip to help you fix Error 502 / Error 504 Bad Gateway / Gateway Timeout. Background The 502 / 504 errors are quite similar. Generally, a HTTP 502 / 504 errors occurs because your origin server (e.g., your web host) is returning this code to us, and Cloudflare returns this code in turn to your visitors. They are caused by a problem connecting to an upstream server - meaning your server is trying to initiate a process and this fails to work as expect…