Seeking Guidance on Optimizing DNS Performance for my Website

Hi Cloudflare Community,

I’ve recently implemented Cloudflare for my website to enhance its performance and security. While the overall experience has been positive, I’m curious to learn more about optimizing DNS settings for improved speed and reliability.
Could anyone share their insights or best practices for fine-tuning DNS configurations on Cloudflare? I’m particularly interested in understanding how to leverage features like DNSSEC and any recommendations for reducing latency.

Thank you in advance !

You can’t really optimise any more than Cloudflare already does for you as it’s already done by being their DNS being globally distributed and close to the users. DNSSEC prevents clients’ DNS requests for your site being spoofed, it doesn’t improve latency.

Optimisation comes from reducing the latency (and volume) of the actual site requests from client->Cloudflare->origin by using caching, pages, workers and others tools to move content and processing from your origin closer to the users.

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