Seeking Cloudflare Account with Enabled ECH Feature

Hello Cloudflare Community,

I hope this message finds everyone well. I am currently in search of a Cloudflare account that has the Encrypted Client Hello (ECH) feature enabled. This specific feature is crucial for a project I am working on, and I am interested in acquiring an account that already has this capability.

If any of you have an account with ECH enabled and are considering selling it, I would be very interested in discussing this further. Please feel free to reach out to me directly to discuss details such as the condition of the account, the duration of ECH feature activation, and your asking price.

For those willing to proceed, please send an email to with the subject line “Cloudflare Account with ECH Offer.” In your email, kindly include a brief description of your account and the price you are expecting. I am open to negotiation based on the specifics of the account.

I appreciate your time and consideration in this matter. Looking forward to potentially doing business with members of this knowledgeable and resourceful community.

Best regards

I’m pretty sure that would be against Cloudflare’s terms of service: “Unless otherwise expressly permitted in writing by Cloudflare, you will not and you have no right to: (a) rent, lease, loan, export, or sell access to the Services to any third party, or sign up for the Services on behalf of a third party;”

As to the availability of ECH in Cloudflare, the feature was disabled globally back in October but I’m not sure what the current situation is.

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