Seeing Russian text when navigating to site protected by Cloudflare

I’m not a customer, I just want to ask a simple question…

Whenever I stumble upon the captcha served by Cloudflare, I see the text in russian. Why is this happening? This morning, I wanted to open a chatGPT, but had to confirm my non-robotness, but the text again is in russian. Why does it think I’m russian.
Please, help, this is extremely concerning: is my system compromised???

What Russian text do you see?

Can you share a screenshot?

I just see the ‘regular’ checkbox served by Cloudflare, but instead of it having English text, it has Russian.

It was announced on the Cloudflare Developers Discord on 2023-02-02, that Cloudflare were in the process of rolling out translations for Cloudflare Turnstile.


Sounds to be the exact same thing for you, just with Russian instead of Chinese?

If so, I would not be worried.



Thanks for your reply. This has been happening for months now, over various sites. Well before February 2023, I’d say at least since November 2022 (further recollection is hazy, but I’ve some anchor points around that time of last year).

Just now I captured a screenshot from


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