Seeing rate limiting after just a few requests

I’m on free plan and trying to build simple webhook-based Telegram Bot as my first attempt to use Workers. Unfortunately at random moments I get “Connection refused” error according to Telegram Bot API. Yeah it’s free plan, but I don’t do anything fancy and it’s failing randomly after just 3-5 requests in row.

I guess it’s related to the fact that Telegram always send webhook requests using the same IP address. I tried to disable all filtering I can for the worker route, but it doesn’t help.

If anything can be done about it here is account info:
zone_id = “e000f1119f08b97113c0d7c0b31b80a1”
account_id = “8b3fa43ff686b6809c1f98e1475952db”

I don’t have problem to switch to paid plan for production, but might be it’s just bad idea to build telegram bot using Workers?

I would recommend to check in your Firewall event logs for the related rate limiting logs, and you should be able to expand the log to get the details, this will help to narrow down where the rate limiting coming from. 3-5 request in row wouldn’t trigger rate limit, I suspect something else is triggered.