Seeing how many images has been served so far


How can one see how many images has been served by Cloudflare Images? I can only find the # of stored images.


You can’t do this currently. Images hasn’t really seen much action since release…


I even checked Billing Notifications, and nothing’s there, either. I wonder what shows up on an invoice.

If you serve images through a worker you can see the worker’s metrics.

(I think i’m starting to sound like a broken record regarding the benefits of combining images with workers and kv sets.
My current setup:

  • one worker to serve images by filename, with variant optional
  • one worker to upload images, supplying source url and optional name prefix and suffix
  • one worker to serve a gallery of images stored


I’m currently using a Worker for this exact purpose, but you although the workers metrics are available, there’s no telling what percentage of the requests are hitting Cache, and which requests are going through to Cloudflare Images.

That shouldn’t matter, as you get charged either way, as I understand it. “Images served”

I believe if the images stored in Cloudflare Images are being served via different URL using Workers URL rewrite, then the image request to the custom URLs should be cached.


So we have a stack of 3 CF services ( cache, workers, images ) for a single web request. It would be good to see in detail how they interact.


Agreed! But also, if this is a legit way to reduce the cost of CF Images - by combining it with other CF services - I honestly think this should be baked into CF Images already.

If the cost can be reduced by doing this yourself, one would assume that the cost could be even further reduced if this was implemented by CF.

You can set alerts on number of images served. I have setup multiple at 25k interval.

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Maybe I didn’t see it in my Notifications section since I haven’t signed up for Images.

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