Seeing certificate invalid for a Cloudflare issued SSL cert

It appears that the Cloudflare issued SSL certificate for has expired. This is a Universal certificate and should, as I understand it, have auto-renewed. Is there a way of requesting a renewal or anything else we should try?

Any help much appreciated!

:wave: @colin5,

Cert shows as valid for me when I visit. (re)Issued on the 14th of October. What error are you seeing?


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Thanks for the reply @OliverGrant,

It’s still not working for us and I’m seeing this:

Any ideas what we might do about it? Thanks so much!


What does say?

:wave: @colin5,

I’d contact support login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support. . Include the sceeenshots or link to the thread for additional context for them.



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