See more than a month of internet traffic dashboard?

In reference to analytics, I see where it’s offered to a higher plan to see less (i.e. 30minutes, 6hours, 12hours) but not more.

Does anybody know how to obtain more than the offered: 24hr, 7day, 1mo statistics offered by the cf dashboard (short of fancy footwork copying data over to a spreadsheet of sorts; including needing to use a third-party analytic account)?

Hi @springfieldcomputer,

I think this #ExpertTip is exactly what you’re looking for:

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks DmZ but I was looking for an “in-house” solution (as opposed to a third-party analytic account or needing to install something else).

If you have developer skills, the new GraphQL API should be the best way forward:

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Thanks for the link! This is in the direction I might need to take.

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