Hello, I opened a topic and could not find a clear answer. Why does my website and its subdomains appear here? Does anyone have information? Is it from Cloudflare settings? Is there a solution? No results when I scan different sites. But my website is showing. From where? Thnks

It appears there because, from the link you provided, it’s a reverse lookup of the IP used. I am assuming your website was assigned the 172.67.x.x IP in the URL above as it’s A record. SecurityTrails scans IPs and lists the results, as many on the internet do.

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Thank you for the answer. What can I do to make it not visible? do you have a suggestion? Because it shows up when I scan my site address. When I search for a different site, it doesn’t come up, how can I make a move so that it doesn’t show up. Sorry for my english

Security Trails scans DNS for domains. My current server’s IP address has never been in a :grey: DNS Only record here.

If you accidentally make it public, it can get scanned. Once that happens, you can’t erase that.


In this regard to me to draw a new way, what do you recommend?

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