Security setting: Essentially Off

I’m using Cloudflare and I love it. I use it for a personal game project API. So client is not a website, it’s a desktop game.

I get so many messages like “I can’t login, I tried everything!!”. When we investigate, the culprit is the “Essentially Off” setting of the security setting. Because game client can’t handle that Javascript page or whatever Cloudflare shows in that case.

“Off” setting is open only for Enterprise users, I have no idea why. This is the only extra “feature” I need from Enterprise, disabling the security setting. Because not many people playing my game and it’s never being attacked, yet there are people are experiencing this huge “can’t login” issue. So I had to remove Cloudflare from my domain.

This is really sad, I wish the Off setting was available for normal users.

You can use a page rule, matching your root domain, which disables security altogether.


Oh, it wasn’t there when I checked months ago. Thanks a lot, I’ll try.

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